How to write a trends report

What is a trend analysis report?

Who uses trends reports?

How do you research trends?

How do you structure a trend report?

What would be a brief for a trend report?

Understand what’s next in digital marketing and ecommerce to not only keep up with competitive brands and manufacturers, but to leverage this knowledge to be market leaders.

What is a trends description?

Automated Efficiencies

Shoppers live in an on-demand economy with outsized expectations for convenience, attention and immediacy. Delivering on these desires alone is challenging for companies, but to do so in a cost-effective manner is even more so. The addition of automation brings two-fold efficiencies to businesses by outsourcing repetitive and time-consuming tasks, while freeing up staff to provide the much needed human touch to interactions with shoppers.

How to describe a trend’s manifestation

Discount retailer Walmart expanded its use of autonomous robots to man- age its inventory, introducing them in 50 Walmart locations. It has introduced Bossa Nova-made robots that can detect out-of-stocks items and help store associates and shoppers locate products. Automating these tasks has freed up store associates to focus on the higher level customer service aspects of their jobs. Walmart also introduced robots that can scrub the floors and plans to add automatic conveyor belts to its back rooms to automatically sort products and reduce the amount of labor needed to unload shipments of new inventory. Link

What are implications?

- Determine how you can utilize AI in your warehouses in order to automate and streamline fulfillment to meet consumer expectations

- Analyze warehouse data using machine learning in order to identify inventory trends and gain insight into which items to restock in order to more accurately meet future demand

- Analyze order and return data in order to better understand consumer demand and reduce waste and operation costs

- Consider what repetitive or tedious tasks you can automate in order to allow store associates to focus on higher-order customer service aspects of their jobs

- Determine what pain points exist around the customer experience in order to meet consumer expectations for convenience

How else can I improve the impact of your trend report?

What companies do trends research?

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