KPIs for CX

What Is CX?

Why Invest In Customer Experience

The Importance Of Measuring CX Success

What Is Customer Retention?

Key Categories When Measuring CX

  1. CSATs (Customer Satisfaction Assessments) are the most common type of customer experience measurement. They include both explicit measures like surveys and implicit ones like reviews and mystery shopper reports.
  2. Customer loyalty/customer retention/customer churn rate metrics can be retrospective, such as average tenure, or more predictive of the likelihood of a customer remaining a customer. Examples include purchase frequency (how often someone buys), number of different ways they buy from you (e.g., online vs. phone vs. store), type of customer (new vs. returning) and their level of engagement.
  3. Advocacy/reputation/brand. Metrics like these help companies understand whether their products or services are meeting customer expectations.
  4. Quality/operations. These are the most underrated metrics. If a product or service doesn’t meet expectations, then regardless of whether any action was taken to remedy the situation, the customer experience will be poor.
  5. Employee engagement. This fifth set of metrics is included in perhaps only 10% of CX initiatives. A Gartner survey identified employee engagement as a major concern in delivering CX improvements, with 86% of organizations ranking it as having an equal or greater impact than other CX challenges.

PSFK Community Survey

Q: What are the KPIs you are using to measure the performance and/or quality of your customers’ brand or purchase experience?

Q: What do each of these KPIs tell you and how do you utilize them?

Q: Of those KPIs, which is the most important metric to your organization?

Q: Are there any areas of CX that are currently unmeasured or insufficiently measured, where you need more visibility?

Q: Please choose one of these two options that best describes how you utilize CX KPIs.

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The home of what’s next in Retail and CX. Unlock the freshest intel on fast-moving trends and apply our research to drive your revenue.

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