Omniplatform eCommerce Strategy: Influence, Engage, Transact, Connect

Consumer Insights Driving Retail Beyond The eCommerce Portal

  • 33% of online US shoppers still prefer to click through and buy a product on a brand or retailer’s eCommerce site, even when that product is discovered on a social media or news site. 25% prefer to buy the product without leaving the social media or content platform, and 13% are still inspired to go buy the product in store.
  • 56% of US shoppers have used a livestream to shop online, and 31% of those shoppers say they are more likely to buy a product that they discover on a livestream.
  • 29% of US consumers are or plan to use shopping assistants (bots) in the future.
  • Research shows if a US shopper was to join their favorite brand’s online community, engagements that they would expect include redeemable coupons (46%), to receive a token or digital asset for participation (32% of shoppers), guaranteed access to products prior to selling out (32%), promotions about the brand’s product (28%).

Key Trends shaping the Future of eCommerce

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